Padding and Remaking

Furniture Upholstery and Refurbishing in Perugia

The charm of wood marked by the passage of time, consumed by living the spaces of the house to the full, is preserved when we dedicate ourselves to injecting new lifeblood into the furniture.

You can choose between two modes:

  • Once brought back to its raw state, we maintain its structure by rejuvenating its characteristics without changing what constitutes its particularity;
  • Or we do a real restyling by obtaining a completely new piece of furniture.
Furniture Upholstery and Refurbishing in Perugia

Give new light to your decor!

Professional padding in Perugia

When we talk about furniture, many of them have a decisive component for comfort. Let’s refer to the padding: in fact, it is it that allows you to sink into a soft cloud while watching TV and slowly slip into a deep sleep.

The padding of cushions, sofas, chairs and armchairs bears various weights in its life and therefore the moment comes when it will be necessary to reinvigorate it. We take care of this, even when you want to maintain the original padding of a vintage sofa.

Professional padding in Perugia

Let yourself be enveloped in comfort!

Are you a designer?

We offer effective support to the design figure in such a way that the completed environment is harmonious and comfortable.

Thanks to the collaboration with important Made in Italy brands we are able to offer you high-performance products starting from classic and modern fabrics up to class 1 water-repellent, sound-absorbing or fire-retardant technical fabrics, certified and totally safe for the home!

For information and quotes contact us via the form. We are at your disposal to find the best solutions to your needs, even personalized and tailor-made!