Washing and Cleaning

Carpet washing and cleaning in Perugia

In fairy tales, carpets come to life offering a different and magical way of travelling.

Nella realtà i tappeti vengono calpestati più volte al giorno restando al loro posto e diventando l’habitat di polvere e germi.

We need to bring a little magic!

We take care of this with our carpet cleaning and washing service. You will get back that soft blanket that makes you start the day on the right foot or that decorates the living room, enhancing the character of the chosen furniture.

Carpet washing and cleaning in Perugia

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We deal with:

  • ordinary washing. It consists of vacuuming and washing a carpet using special latest generation machinery;
  • washing with sanitization. It requires the use of specific products for effective sanitization against germs and bacteria that nest among the filaments of your carpet.

Whatever carpet you want to have washed or sanitized, we will take care of it with the utmost professionalism.

To wash a carpet you need water, soap and… the experience of Pianeta Tende!

Professional Carpet Washing and Cleaning Service

Yes, I want my carpet to be new again!

Are you a designer?

We offer effective support to the design figure in such a way that the completed environment is harmonious and comfortable.

Thanks to the collaboration with important Made in Italy brands we are able to offer you high-performance products starting from classic and modern fabrics up to class 1 water-repellent, sound-absorbing or fire-retardant technical fabrics, certified and totally safe for the home!

For information and quotes contact us via the form. We are at your disposal to find the best solutions to your needs, even personalized and tailor-made!