Roller blinds

Roller blinds in Perugia

Roller blinds are blinds whose fabric is taut thanks to the rod applied to the lower part. When you need to wrap them, a metal roller located in the upper part is activated which allows the fabric to always remain well “ironed” and without creases.
The fabric winding movement can be manual (spring, chain or cord – very practical for French windows – and crank) or motorized.

This model is ideal for those looking for modern interior curtains; they can also be used outdoors thanks to their versatility which makes them suitable for any type of window and French window.


Roller blinds - black and gray colour
Roller blinds - green color

Roller blinds are installed on the wall, on the ceiling (provided it is not crooked or leaning) or on the doors of the fixtures and the roller can be visible or covered by a valance or box.

Finally, there are models with a box and side guides on which the fabric slides when it is unrolled; this model guarantees greater darkening of the rooms and prevents the fabric from fluttering when stressed by wind or air currents.

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